AVING_ [MWC 2017 Preview] GoodWillHungting Plans to Introduce Location-Based Mobile Message-Gift App ‘Falling’

GoodWillHunting(CEO Seongyong Park) will participate in the global startup fair ‘4YFN’, the joint event of ‘MWC 2017’ from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2 as the Common Sector of Smart Venture Startup School under Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Department to introduce location-based smartphone application ‘Falling’ for leaving messages and gifts for a special person.

‘Falling’ created by GoodWillHunting is an app that users leave messages and gifts for their loving ones, family or friends in a place of memory, a special place and the receivers-to-be approach the place and receive those, presenting fun like hunting treasure. Users can leave messages and gifts for those who haven’t join the service and it also provides time capsule feature to receive in the future.

‘Falling’ applied for and registered many patents with its differentiated features and received ‘2016 Korea Mobile Award’ from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

Meanwhile, ‘4YFN(4Years From Now 2017)’, the joint event of MWC 2017(Mobile World Congress 2017) is a startup fair consisting of fair, conference, competition, investors’ meeting, and award. Startups, venture capitals and incubators with innovative technologies will be gathered for this event which is held in Fira Montjuic exhibition center for the same period as MWC 2017, from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2.

Aving News, the global news network that has been reporting most of issues on the world top 3 tech fairs, CES, MWC and IFA for last 10 years will send out special report team to this year’s MWC to report major issues. In addition, as part of their project ‘MADE IN KOREA & MADE BY KOREA’, they will spot Korean MWC participant corporations to introduce them to the world.


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