AVING_ [MWC 2017] Goodwill Hunting Presents ‘Falling’ Mobile Gift App

Goodwill Hunting (GoodWillHunting CEO, Park Sung-yong) participated in ‘4YFN’, a global startup exhibition co-hosted with ‘MWC 2017’, as a joint venture of Smart Venture Institute.

‘Falling’ is an app that allows you to receive messages and gifts from a specific location on a specific day based on location-based services and when the other party approaches the place. You can leave messages and gifts to people who are not subscribed to the service, and provide a time capsule function that you can receive in the future.

It has been launched in the US, Hong Kong and Australia in English, and it can be seen as an advertisement for the products of the surrounding shops to present, so it can be linked with the local commercial area.

Meanwhile, ‘4YFN (4 Years From Now)’, co-hosted with MWC 2017 (Mobile World Congress 2017), is an exhibition for start-up consisting of exhibitions, conferences, contests and investor meetings. Start-ups, venture capital and incubators with innovative technologies meet in one place and are held at Fira Montjuic in the same period as MWC.

The global news network Aving News, which has delivered the most issues of CES, MWC and IFA, the world’s top three tech exhibitions in the last 10 years, sent a special report team to the MWC to report on the major issues of the market, and introduces Korean companies participated in the exhibition.


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